Testimonials From awareness Presentations

I was talking to my friends and family about the presentation. I found it very important to have
a perspective from a mom
…” Student – St. Michael’s Academy

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Speaking Engagements

Testimonials from School Administrators

“Our students were completely drawn in by Becky and Dwayne’s compelling and heartfelt story of their son’s life and tragic death told with brutal honesty. You could have heard a pin drop in our auditorium. We are truly grateful to Becky and Dwayne for spreading awareness of this deadly drug. Their talk opened up lines of communication between staff and students and parents and children. We are truly grateful to Becky and Dwayne for spreading awareness of this deadly drug.”
Melany Canfield
Counselor, Mason High School
Typical School Audience Survey

What Students Have Said

“just the little amount of fentanyl that can be fatal, also how common it is to find in pills you can buy off the internet and how easily addictive it is”

“the fact that soooo many people died and that people even think about making and selling the pills just makes me sick. it made me very sad. i cried a lot in the presentation. i’m glad people are trying to make a difference”.

“The fact that deadly amounts of the drug can be infused with regular pills and you can’t tell the difference. I originally though people knew exactly what pills they were taking, but it turns out they don’t.”

“The most impactful part of the presentation was the story that was told about Cam and his case. The other really impactful part was the story that the police officer told about the seventeen year old girl that almost passed away from trying fentanyl for the first time”

“The most impactful part of the presentation was the story of Cam. All these memories, and this deep grief really impacted me and made me realize how even after your death, you may not suffer anymore, but others will. Especially your loved ones.”

“The most impactful part of the presentation was when the parents were telling us the story of how Cameron passed away, and how they reacted. I felt terrible, no one deserves to go through something like that.”

“The story these parents had to through really put into perspective how serious the issue is. And the skittles thing, also really showed that about 50% of people can die from these drugs.”

“When a slideshow was played of all the people my age that were killed because of fentanyl”

“It was really impactful for me, and I wouldn’t change it. Starting it with the video of the teens who had passed away because of fentanyl was a great way to grab the audience’s attention, and the rest of the presentation kept the audience focused and engaged”.

“Nope. The presentation was very well thought-out and was really eye-opening”

“Nope! It was great! I learned so much and I am glad I am aware of it now!”

“This message was loud and clear and the most impactful it can get”

“My brother told us about it when he came home so clearly it was impactful enough”

“No! I thought it was very educational and a true story that was straight to the point that it isDANGEROUS!!!”

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