Awareness Matters

“This presentation showed me how and what to do for safe results in the real world.”
-Student Santa Rita Middle School

Our Purpose

Fentanyl is the single deadliest drug threat our nation has ever encountered. According to the DEA, no community or family is safe from this poison. A Change for Cam was created in response to the tragic fentanyl poisoning of our sweet Cameron, Forever 19. Our purpose is for no other Central Texas family to suffer this devastating loss.

Your program today was emotional and very difficult to comprehend as a parent.  I am amazed at your strength to get through these presentations and please know that you are doing incredible work to help prevent these senseless deaths.  

I have asked as many students and teachers as I could about the presentation today and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive regarding the need for this program and the impact it had on those who heard it.   We don’t often hear super positive feedback on large group speakers, so this was unique feedback.    A few seniors said we need to do it every year! ” – Shannon Hudson – St. Michael’s Academy

Our Mission

Cameron’s mom, Becky, has taken the pain of losing her son and has turned it into a passion for raising awareness about the dangers of fentanyl.  Becky’s journey has taken her to our Nation’s Capital, the Texas State Capitol and communities throughout Texas, all in an effort to save lives. 

A Change for Cam is committed to awareness, advocacy, and intervention. Awareness presentations include personal experiences, fentanyl facts and statistics and will challenge you to be a part of the solution!

Want to bring fentanyl awareness to your community, school, or organization? Contact us for more details and to hear what others are saying about past fentanyl awareness presentations.

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