DEA Summit – June 2022

I was honored to be invited to participate in the inaugural DEA Family Summit on the Overdose Epidemic in Washington DC among other grieving families. We were all able to share our loved ones’ stories, collaborate on what each of us are doing in our cities to raise awareness and give feedback on areas needing change at a higher level. The DEA is passionate about enacting change and took our feedback seriously. Excited to see movement coming on the horizon.

I must admit seeing my sweet boy’s face on the Faces of Fentanyl Exhibit at DEA Headquarters, took my breath away; so many sweet angels accompanying him whose lives were also taken way too soon. Those who spoke at the Summit who work at DEA headquarters stated that they are reminded of their purpose as they walk past this wall daily.

So very grateful to have finally met friends on this grief journey that I have been working with virtually for a year as well as gain many more brothers and sisters on this journey who are doing amazing things in their loved ones’ honor.

Humbled to have A Change for Cam represented and to have Cameron’s voice heard to help save others. We’ve got to press on and keep fighting the fight!

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